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Baildon is a town north of Bradford in Northern England. It is part of the metropolitan borough of Bradford in the metropolitan county of West Yorkshire and within the historic boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Baildon Moor has a number of outcropping gritstones, and there is a stone circle known as Soldier's Trench which is said to date from the Bronze Age, 3000 years ago. There are also numerous Cup & Ring marks, the origins of these are still unknown.

The town is served by Baildon railway station.

Within Baildon there are several sports clubs, run from Baildon Rugby Union Football Club. These include the rugby club itself, along with the cricket and running clubs.

St John

The church of St. John was built in 1848 though the tower was not added until 1928.

St James

This painted tongue and goove timber church, which is now (2008) a Grade II listed building, was moved to Baildon from Great Warley, Essex in 1905. The Revd N R Bailey, rector of Great Warley, had property in Baildon and hoped to retire there. However his obituary was published in Nov 1900 before he retired. In 2007/2008 the church was moved again but only a few yards. This allowed the surrounding land to be sold by the Diocese for development. An underground heat pump system was installed to make the building more eco-friendly and rotten timbers replaced.

Baildon Council

In 1974, following the formation of the Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the Baildon Urban District Council was disbanded.

After collecting the required number of signatures on a petition in 2005, and holding a ballot in 2006, nominations were invited for a Baildon Parish Council. Baildon was split into 6 wards with the potential for 2 councillors in each ward. Baildon East and Baildon West had 3 nominations so elections were held on May 3, 2007. Baildon South, Baildon North and Baildon South East each had 2 nominations - no contest. Baildon South West had no nominations. Therefore, on May 14, 2007, the Baildon Parish Council was initially formed with 10 Councillors.

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